Light's End was created as a labor of love by two guys with a passion for games. Our biggest concern was making something that we would enjoy, and that other people could enjoy, too.

In order to ensure that our game could be enjoyed by as many people as possible, we chose the lowest possible price point on Indie Games: 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50 USD).

We have spent a combined total of 11 months working full time on the project, plowing into our own savings with no income.

Unfortunately, the Xbox Live Indie Games platform is not popular enough for us to make a living off of these kinds of projects. Considering our 11 months of living expenses plus costs for related hardware and software, it is practically impossible for us to even come close to breaking even on this project.

Donations from fans like you may help us recover some of these expenses. If you enjoyed the game, please consider a donation.

We feel that our game easily matches the entertainment value provided by many Live Arcade titles that are many times more expensive. If you would donate the amount that the game was worth to you, that gesture would be appreciated tremendously. And of course, if you feel compelled to donate even more to support our work, we would be overjoyed!

We would love to continue making these kinds of projects, but the financial reality is catching up with us. It's time for us to find "normal" jobs once again. Although we won't be making indie games full time any longer, we had a great time on this project and we're interested in continuing indie work on the side. If you'd like to see more games brought to you by the creative minds behind Light's End, your donation will certainly be an encouragement in that direction!

Thank you so much for your support!

-Ryan Thorlakson & Tyrel Schultz