Light's End begins as the story of a girl named Crystal. But it doesn't stop there! By switching control to any character you meet, you will explore the story from the perspectives of many inhabitants of the world of Light's End.

Crystal is the daughter of a strict mining camp foreman. Sick of her father's overprotection, she decides to enter the mine against her father's wishes. Deep in the caves, she finds a mysterious statue and an ancient dagger, hidden for millennia. She has no time to ponder their meaning, however, as her father appears and angrily escorts her back to the camp.

Back at the mining camp, Crystal's father and the other parents come up with a clever yet horrifying punishment that will set her straight. Crystal and her friends are so angered by the punishment that they decide to get back at their insensitive parents by calling down a curse on them. Little do the parents know that the girls have formed a secret club called the Witch Guild. The girls attempt to practice the dark arts by following instructions in an old book of witchcraft found by one of the girls. However, their plan backfires when their curse appears to work and ruins the lives of everyone at the camp!

Fed up with life at the mining camp, Crystal decides to leave the camp to find her boyfriend, Brad. Brad has recently left the camp to join the Remnant, a mobile attack force and all that's left of the king's forces. The kingdom has been in disarray ever since the ruthless Bandits and the obsessive Rebellion attacked the castle and killed the king.

As Crystal journeys out of her home and across the world for the first time, she gets caught up in a conflict much greater than her own small problems. Bandits, Rebels, and Remnant forces are vying for control of the people. But none of them could have imagined what was about to happen.

With new twists at every turn and thirty eight unique characters to control, Light's End weaves an epic story that you will not soon forget!